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The Workshops

We have a new format for the workshops this year. Based on feedback from previous years, we have dispensed with the multi-level format. We have changed to a more mixed-level format where students will get more hours with the teachers of their choice. We believe that this provides a better learning experience than having more teachers but for fewer hours each.

You can choose from one of two tracks. You will have a total of 9-10 hours of classes split equally between the two sets of teachers in your track.

The detailed schedule for 2012 has now been published: LBF2012 Schedule.

Both tracks are for intermediate dancers and upwards. Each track will be split into two levels by the teachers at the start of the weekend. This will be done via an informal audition process and we ask that you respect the teachers' decision. Please note that both groups will still be mixed-level to some degree. If you are attending with a partner and wish to join the same classes as them, this may mean dropping down to the lower level.

You take classes whenever you can, although not necessarily on a regular basis. Leaders: You are comfortable social dancing Balboa all evening and have a variety of moves. Followers: You are comfortable social dancing Balboa all evening, and with leaders that are really good you can be thrown into some fancy things. Both: You are confident with the following techniques and can execute them consistently and reliably: Pure Balboa, Transition step, Out and Ins (Cross Overs), Throw Out (Spike).



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